Life is a choice

I’ve been gladly handcuffed! A hostage of my own fears ,I’ve been trapped in my own mind , Willingling Closing every single exit because I couldn’t believe in survival anymore! Dreamlessly living behind bars, hell i sentenced myself to death!
“is my life worthy ? What contribution could I possibly make to the world? Why take the risk if nothing is guaranteed ?( I know we wouldn’t call it a risk if it’s guaranteed I know!) “, I asked myself . And every time I did i had a ” no , nothing and don’t you dare” for an answer .
Today ,I ask myself “what demon has possessed me? ” what kind of rules Had i set up for myself ? It’s like I was my own hitler except I had no mustache and didn’t believe in my pure race ! But now I do ! Not literally but I believe in myself , I believe I can make a difference and will ! Very recently, I have decided to dream again and have accepted that life won’t give us everything , but it will give us nothing if we don’t reach for something .
A few deceptions should not keep you from trying again and again!I know it sounds very much like a cliché , but what do you suggest? sit around and wait for your death or worse a miracle?
Dream , work and reach for the stars , if the stars are what you want !
Get what you wish for and what you eventually deserve !
LIVE! because life is a choice !