Facebook , or how to be stupid and famous !

I write because I know,
because I don’t know ,
and maybe you would know .

I write because I have a problem ,
a solution ,
because I’m awesome.

I write because you read ,
because of you ,
because of him.

I write because I dream ,
because I am awake ,
because I can’t sleep .

I write because I’m inspired ,
because I’m blocked ,
because I’m fired .

I write because I’m on facebook,
I have no life , no skills ,
not even a real book .

I write because you like it ,
you have no life , no hobbies ,
not even a real book .

I write because I like the attention ,
the likes , the shares and the comments .

I write about my lunch , my dinner and my breakfast .
I write about my birthday ,
a movie I saw yesterday .

I write about my underwear ,
haters , I don’t care !

I write about my mood,
Or how, I am scr***d !
and believe me, litterally, I would .

I write because I invented a language ;
that only few can understand ,
no grammer, no rules .
I don’t care
if I hurt , disgust or bore you ,
Get it , you fools ?

Now , I understand that writing is a great thing to do . It makes us feel better , helps us let off some steam , express our minds . It’s awesome ! But posting everythiing you write on facebook , is sometimes really agonizing for us poor readers to see !
Before you post any thought , please make sure it’s well thought of and well written !

sincerly ,

your facebook friend .



“look at that awful hair !are you kidding me? Does she even look at herself in the mirror ? Oh please don’t tell me she wore that ugly shirt again! Did you see the way she talked to the professor ? How dare she !? She thinks she own the world , really? She’s just a loser ! Oh here she comes, look at that “slut” walking like a queen ! She thinks she could be Julia Roberts , oh honey it’s real life :once a bitch, always a bitch !Hahahaha I can’t believe she’s dressed like that! What are we? The seventies ? I have an eyesore.. “

This is the daily gossip of girls I know about girls I don’t know , they don’t know ! But exceptional girls ! Girls who stepped out of the crowd , who shined in the darkness of similarities and normality ! Girls I bet can’t even notice those who talk behind their backs , they don’t even care !girls who made a pact to themselves : don’t you change for anyone’s sake , live by your own rules , Just live! Independent girls and women who chose life! Who chose to beat conventions and challenge social boundaries ! Girls who wear the colors they like and not what they tell them to like! Girls who say what they find right and not what they tell them to say! Girls who dared to decide for themselves! That’s what silently kills boring , lifeless and silly girls ! Because underneath that sarcasm there’s more than just irony There’s envy , ladies and gentlemen !