(Un) ? happy ending

working-womenOnce Upon a Time

Once upon a time , there was a girl
from a very small town ,
we shall say a common,
but her dreams were certainly uncommon .
like ,
becoming a royalty and quit farming ,
but without a prince charming .
She did not need him , she said ,
Plus they were all taken ,
too bad !
her hard work and perseverance were all she had .
She could do it , she said .
by working herself to the bone ,
no fairies , no spells , no magic stone .
She could make it , she said .
An opportunity jumped in ,
a free pass to the castle ,
and a chance to move in .
Got the help of the well intentioned ,
applied , as she mentioned ,
despite all the hustle ,
she made sure , it was flawless
and hoped for the best .
hoped for the happy ending
and wouldn’t settle for less ..