Forget me not!

Mistakes, we’ve made

Innocence, we’ve claimed

Our story, like ashes

We’ve burnt

And yet

Regretful, you weren’t.

Just give me a reason

For this hurt

And this treason

For this unbearable,

Oh! Terrible


Remember? Remember

When we kissed in December?

Forget me not

When the weather gets hot!

Indeed, we fought

But still

Forget me not!



Dear H,

Oh! crazy, naughty you,

What did I ever do

To deserve all the trouble

You make me go through

Every day

From the morning till

The afternoon?

All pretty, docile and sage

When at home I stay.

All messy, sloppy and carless

When all I want

Is for you to slay.

Fine! dear Hair,

You have it your way!

Dear B,

I don’t know who’s tiring who

Is it me or is it

The one that’s getting me through

Today and every day.

The one that makes me think

and the one that leads the way

in the road to madness

and occasional sanity

from a whole lot of ambiguousness

to perfect clarity.

The one that’s telling me

What to do, constantly,

And what to say,

Continuously and every day.

The one that defines me,

my humanity?

Is it my feared oppressor?

Is it my salvation, my liberator?

Either way,

I’m burnt, sleepless and tired.

And the answer is required

To my first inquiry,

Is it me or is it my brain?

To think infinitely,

Of everything and anything,

Is that what I’ll forever do?

Because I only think, I don’t do.

Of that I’m tired, aren’t you

dear brain?