Mediocrity, the worst form of existence!

The worst form of existence

Now I know,

Is Mediocrity

The mere survival,

Where I’d never know

Neither The tragedy

Of losing

Nor  the fantasy

Of winning.

But I would rather die

Than  believe

That greatness

I will never achieve

where my passion does  lie.

The thought is haunting me.

And to its power

My resistance is failing me,

Mediocrity is the worst form of existence.

That I know!


The chocolate box

My 9 year old sister

Had a play date

With a 9 year old mister.

It was 8 o’clock

And There he was

Waiting at the gate

And in his hands

A Chocolate box

That for her

He bought.

To be exposed,

Maybe he knew more than he should have

Maybe I exposed my naked self and I shouldn’t have

Maybe he knows my weaknesses and the flaws I have

Maybe I said too much and revealed a lot

Of my dreams, hopes and Fears

Maybe he wiped too many of my tears

Now, I know I should have not

I shouldn’t have allowed him

Because I’m clueless about what he would do

what he does and what he says

Now that we’re not together

Now that he’s gone

Now that we’re less than nothing,

I can’t help but wonder

Maybe he knew more than he should have

And I had no Idea about who he really was.

He couldn’t possibly have hurt me more,

than knowing everything I was.