Don’t tell me to go out there!

You keep telling me

To go out there!

Meet people somewhere!

Laugh and love,

So much that it hurts

Or just stick to some flirts

Do something to be proud of.

Try new things

And just spread your wings!

But I’d rather drown in the sea

That actually, doesn’t frighten me.

As much as the above do

Because “the other is hell”

Just as Sartre once said

And it’s true!

So, I’ll just stay inside my shell

And as Einstein once said:

“The world is a dangerous place”

I admit I forgot the rest of the quote

But, that’s enough for the theory I wrote,

And more than enough to rest my case.

You wouldn’t know better than these two!

Now, would you ?



Mediocrity, the worst form of existence!

The worst form of existence

Now I know,

Is Mediocrity

The mere survival,

Where I’d never know

Neither The tragedy

Of losing

Nor  the fantasy

Of winning.

But I would rather die

Than  believe

That greatness

I will never achieve

where my passion does  lie.

The thought is haunting me.

And to its power

My resistance is failing me,

Mediocrity is the worst form of existence.

That I know!