Don’t tell me to go out there!

You keep telling me

To go out there!

Meet people somewhere!

Laugh and love,

So much that it hurts

Or just stick to some flirts

Do something to be proud of.

Try new things

And just spread your wings!

But I’d rather drown in the sea

That actually, doesn’t frighten me.

As much as the above do

Because “the other is hell”

Just as Sartre once said

And it’s true!

So, I’ll just stay inside my shell

And as Einstein once said:

“The world is a dangerous place”

I admit I forgot the rest of the quote

But, that’s enough for the theory I wrote,

And more than enough to rest my case.

You wouldn’t know better than these two!

Now, would you ?



The chocolate box

My 9 year old sister

Had a play date

With a 9 year old mister.

It was 8 o’clock

And There he was

Waiting at the gate

And in his hands

A Chocolate box

That for her

He bought.

Dear H,

Oh! crazy, naughty you,

What did I ever do

To deserve all the trouble

You make me go through

Every day

From the morning till

The afternoon?

All pretty, docile and sage

When at home I stay.

All messy, sloppy and carless

When all I want

Is for you to slay.

Fine! dear Hair,

You have it your way!

My 6 year old sister and I were gossiping about boyfriends and I was the one listening !

I was minding my own business; when my little sister came in my room and said she had a secret she wanted to share with me, and I instantly knew that she was going to talk about a boy ! one boy .
But at my biggest surprise , my little sister at her age is appearenty more popular than I’ve ever been with boys for almost 21 years now !
She’s had more than 3 guys running after her and she was convinced they were all in love with her and she did not share their feelings . except for this one naughty boy who she said was acting the same way around other girls.”Play boy” at 6, very common nowadays !

One of them was so jealous she threatned him! :” I may be  6 , but I now u r mine, nd if I ever c you wid anoda girl , boy, u’r dad !”

Girls these days surely know what they want, heinh ! And my sister was not kidding , her admirers at the age of 6 will probably outnumber mine for the remaining of my life !

Now please tell me ; is it me , or is this a really weird upcoming generation ?

My life saver

I met you and that was my start
I met you and you were my fate

and since, never been late.

we’ve sworn to never grow apart

we’ve sworn to grow together

hand in hand now and forever
you are my awakening
you are my life saver
without you I am nothing
I am just a sleeper
I get mad at you
but you never leave
I get mad at you
but every morning
you wake me up
and it’s hard to shut you up !

To you my dear alarm clock , I will be forever thankful and at times very hateful !

Facebook , or how to be stupid and famous !

I write because I know,
because I don’t know ,
and maybe you would know .

I write because I have a problem ,
a solution ,
because I’m awesome.

I write because you read ,
because of you ,
because of him.

I write because I dream ,
because I am awake ,
because I can’t sleep .

I write because I’m inspired ,
because I’m blocked ,
because I’m fired .

I write because I’m on facebook,
I have no life , no skills ,
not even a real book .

I write because you like it ,
you have no life , no hobbies ,
not even a real book .

I write because I like the attention ,
the likes , the shares and the comments .

I write about my lunch , my dinner and my breakfast .
I write about my birthday ,
a movie I saw yesterday .

I write about my underwear ,
haters , I don’t care !

I write about my mood,
Or how, I am scr***d !
and believe me, litterally, I would .

I write because I invented a language ;
that only few can understand ,
no grammer, no rules .
I don’t care
if I hurt , disgust or bore you ,
Get it , you fools ?

Now , I understand that writing is a great thing to do . It makes us feel better , helps us let off some steam , express our minds . It’s awesome ! But posting everythiing you write on facebook , is sometimes really agonizing for us poor readers to see !
Before you post any thought , please make sure it’s well thought of and well written !

sincerly ,

your facebook friend .