Dear H,

Oh! crazy, naughty you,

What did I ever do

To deserve all the trouble

You make me go through

Every day

From the morning till

The afternoon?

All pretty, docile and sage

When at home I stay.

All messy, sloppy and carless

When all I want

Is for you to slay.

Fine! dear Hair,

You have it your way!


Dear B,

I don’t know who’s tiring who

Is it me or is it

The one that’s getting me through

Today and every day.

The one that makes me think

and the one that leads the way

in the road to madness

and occasional sanity

from a whole lot of ambiguousness

to perfect clarity.

The one that’s telling me

What to do, constantly,

And what to say,

Continuously and every day.

The one that defines me,

my humanity?

Is it my feared oppressor?

Is it my salvation, my liberator?

Either way,

I’m burnt, sleepless and tired.

And the answer is required

To my first inquiry,

Is it me or is it my brain?

To think infinitely,

Of everything and anything,

Is that what I’ll forever do?

Because I only think, I don’t do.

Of that I’m tired, aren’t you

dear brain?

My 6 year old sister and I were gossiping about boyfriends and I was the one listening !

I was minding my own business; when my little sister came in my room and said she had a secret she wanted to share with me, and I instantly knew that she was going to talk about a boy ! one boy .
But at my biggest surprise , my little sister at her age is appearenty more popular than I’ve ever been with boys for almost 21 years now !
She’s had more than 3 guys running after her and she was convinced they were all in love with her and she did not share their feelings . except for this one naughty boy who she said was acting the same way around other girls.”Play boy” at 6, very common nowadays !

One of them was so jealous she threatned him! :” I may be  6 , but I now u r mine, nd if I ever c you wid anoda girl , boy, u’r dad !”

Girls these days surely know what they want, heinh ! And my sister was not kidding , her admirers at the age of 6 will probably outnumber mine for the remaining of my life !

Now please tell me ; is it me , or is this a really weird upcoming generation ?

My life saver

I met you and that was my start
I met you and you were my fate

and since, never been late.

we’ve sworn to never grow apart

we’ve sworn to grow together

hand in hand now and forever
you are my awakening
you are my life saver
without you I am nothing
I am just a sleeper
I get mad at you
but you never leave
I get mad at you
but every morning
you wake me up
and it’s hard to shut you up !

To you my dear alarm clock , I will be forever thankful and at times very hateful !

(Un) ? happy ending

working-womenOnce Upon a Time

Once upon a time , there was a girl
from a very small town ,
we shall say a common,
but her dreams were certainly uncommon .
like ,
becoming a royalty and quit farming ,
but without a prince charming .
She did not need him , she said ,
Plus they were all taken ,
too bad !
her hard work and perseverance were all she had .
She could do it , she said .
by working herself to the bone ,
no fairies , no spells , no magic stone .
She could make it , she said .
An opportunity jumped in ,
a free pass to the castle ,
and a chance to move in .
Got the help of the well intentioned ,
applied , as she mentioned ,
despite all the hustle ,
she made sure , it was flawless
and hoped for the best .
hoped for the happy ending
and wouldn’t settle for less ..

Facebook , or how to be stupid and famous !

I write because I know,
because I don’t know ,
and maybe you would know .

I write because I have a problem ,
a solution ,
because I’m awesome.

I write because you read ,
because of you ,
because of him.

I write because I dream ,
because I am awake ,
because I can’t sleep .

I write because I’m inspired ,
because I’m blocked ,
because I’m fired .

I write because I’m on facebook,
I have no life , no skills ,
not even a real book .

I write because you like it ,
you have no life , no hobbies ,
not even a real book .

I write because I like the attention ,
the likes , the shares and the comments .

I write about my lunch , my dinner and my breakfast .
I write about my birthday ,
a movie I saw yesterday .

I write about my underwear ,
haters , I don’t care !

I write about my mood,
Or how, I am scr***d !
and believe me, litterally, I would .

I write because I invented a language ;
that only few can understand ,
no grammer, no rules .
I don’t care
if I hurt , disgust or bore you ,
Get it , you fools ?

Now , I understand that writing is a great thing to do . It makes us feel better , helps us let off some steam , express our minds . It’s awesome ! But posting everythiing you write on facebook , is sometimes really agonizing for us poor readers to see !
Before you post any thought , please make sure it’s well thought of and well written !

sincerly ,

your facebook friend .


“look at that awful hair !are you kidding me? Does she even look at herself in the mirror ? Oh please don’t tell me she wore that ugly shirt again! Did you see the way she talked to the professor ? How dare she !? She thinks she own the world , really? She’s just a loser ! Oh here she comes, look at that “slut” walking like a queen ! She thinks she could be Julia Roberts , oh honey it’s real life :once a bitch, always a bitch !Hahahaha I can’t believe she’s dressed like that! What are we? The seventies ? I have an eyesore.. “

This is the daily gossip of girls I know about girls I don’t know , they don’t know ! But exceptional girls ! Girls who stepped out of the crowd , who shined in the darkness of similarities and normality ! Girls I bet can’t even notice those who talk behind their backs , they don’t even care !girls who made a pact to themselves : don’t you change for anyone’s sake , live by your own rules , Just live! Independent girls and women who chose life! Who chose to beat conventions and challenge social boundaries ! Girls who wear the colors they like and not what they tell them to like! Girls who say what they find right and not what they tell them to say! Girls who dared to decide for themselves! That’s what silently kills boring , lifeless and silly girls ! Because underneath that sarcasm there’s more than just irony There’s envy , ladies and gentlemen ! 

Life is a choice

I’ve been gladly handcuffed! A hostage of my own fears ,I’ve been trapped in my own mind , Willingling Closing every single exit because I couldn’t believe in survival anymore! Dreamlessly living behind bars, hell i sentenced myself to death!
“is my life worthy ? What contribution could I possibly make to the world? Why take the risk if nothing is guaranteed ?( I know we wouldn’t call it a risk if it’s guaranteed I know!) “, I asked myself . And every time I did i had a ” no , nothing and don’t you dare” for an answer .
Today ,I ask myself “what demon has possessed me? ” what kind of rules Had i set up for myself ? It’s like I was my own hitler except I had no mustache and didn’t believe in my pure race ! But now I do ! Not literally but I believe in myself , I believe I can make a difference and will ! Very recently, I have decided to dream again and have accepted that life won’t give us everything , but it will give us nothing if we don’t reach for something .
A few deceptions should not keep you from trying again and again!I know it sounds very much like a cliché , but what do you suggest? sit around and wait for your death or worse a miracle?
Dream , work and reach for the stars , if the stars are what you want !
Get what you wish for and what you eventually deserve !
LIVE! because life is a choice !